Celebrating rain

My rain post of a few days ago put me in mind of another poem about rain that I wrote in grade 5, this time with a much more celebratory tone – and loads of orthographical errors! I have removed the errors for posting, but I am uploading images of the original for your amusement!

Rain, Grade 5 – detail


Look! Look!
Look, at the rain,
Tumbling down on my window pane!
Coming, coming, coming again!
Pitter, patter,
I love rain.

 Look! Look!
Look, at the wind,
Blowing out, blowing in!
Faster, faster, twirling about!
Tumbling, tumbling,
In and out.

 Look! Look!
Look, at the clouds!
Being tossed in, being tossed out!
Rumbling, tumbling, rolling about!
Making thunder ever so loud.
Slowly, slowly, dying away.
The sun is up! Hooray! Hooray!

Rain, Grade 5

© Cate Kimberley and Word and Affect, 2012


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