To sleep

Not perfect, but personal
(for R.)

 To sleep

The fragile girl with the fear in her face
Under the swollen sky,
Shudders as the cold bites her breast,
Does not draw her coat around,
Walks on
Fever eating her soul
Walks on in the snow.
Cold creeps into her feet
A leaden weight –
She does not know.
And on
In the snow
Under the trees stripped bare.
The leaves,
Summer’s sacrifice,
Dead and lost
Under the snow –
To sleep?
Free from the burning
Under the snow that cools
A fevered soul.
Under the tree
She lies
Looks up.
Time’s leaden pendulum sweeps an arc
Malevolently pauses
an instant
At the peak to gloat
Before descending to consume
Another moment.
Simple Harmonic Motion: time,
A terminal disease.
Simple Harmonic
Motion toward death.
Count the oscillations
Devour the seconds
Under the tree
Under the snow
No Hamlet she.
She dreams.


© Cate Kimberley and Word and Affect, 2012


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